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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The 30th year......

Not really sure what I was supposed to expect out of this year but I can say this much, I didn't think I would be here.  Not to say where I am is bad just really pictured something completely different.  It is rather funny how life takes you on so many unexpected journies.  Someday I will look back and have an explanation for it all, but for now I going to continue to flow through the motions and let the journey take me to my destiny.  I have to say though....thislast year has turned out to be really amazing.  My life has taken me down a path of happiness, love and comfort.  I have an exceptionally loving family and circle of friends I never knew existed.  Suprisingly the things I hated have all turned out to not be something I hated anymore.  In the course of 3 years my family has grown stronger than ever before and my friendships have gone in a thousand directions but still manage to always come back to each other.  Scary how these things work out.  I have never been more greatful for these gifts......Here is to each year only getting better. <3

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