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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Embrace It........

My facebook post today stated "I am determined to have an amazing day today!  Lets embrace what the day brings." <3 Boy do I ever need the courage to live by this statement.  So my job that pays the rent has the best way of enhancing my want and need to finish school.  For any of you who know me, you will know that I give 110% when I care about something and lately in the work realm I just don't want to give it.  Why do we get caught up in a job or a life that is not making us happy?  Could it be that the job is enhancing a part of our life that would not be there without it? Or is it comfortability?  Hmm  I sit here and wander just what it is for me.  I look at where I am at my age and think What to do now?  (Hence the title of my blog)  I want to be done with school which will require less at work.....it can be done though.  Really want to buy a house....which is possible if I absolutely save everything I make.  So I made a list of all the things I want and/or need.  I am going to just cross them off one at a time and embrace this new way of life.  Here is to a new year and a new me.  Embrace It!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great People in my Life.....

I have some of the most amazing people in my life.  I don't always tell them enough but I love them.  They bring out the very best in me.   I have the most amazing sister.  I never realized that when we were younger but now looking back on when we were kids I can't imagine how we ever fought.  Jess, You give me so much strength and a strong will to be a better person each and every day.  I am so proud of the person that you have become in your life and only pray that each of your days get better.  Thank You for being such a significant part in my life. I Love You!

Music to Soothe My Soul.....

My Recipe for a Stressful Evening

1 bottle of Ballatore Gran Spumante Sparkling Wine
1 to 2 hours in a hot bath
2 cucumber slices over the eyes
1 bottle of Twilight Woods Bubble Bath
1 Ipod with a playlist titled "Music to Soothe My Soul."

Angel Eyes                         Jeff Healy Band
The Best is Yet to Come     Hinder
Bohemian Rhapsody           Queen
Bottle it Up                         Sara Bareilles
Breathe (2am)                    Anna Nalick
By your Side                      Sade
Champagne Supernova      Oasis
City                                   Sara Barielles
Come in with the Rain        Taylor Swift
Every Breath you take       The Police
(Everything I do) I do it for you     Bryan Adams
Fall into Me                      Emerson Drive
Fat Bottomed Girls           Queen
Fearless                           Taylor Swift
Gotta Be Somebody        Nickelback
Half Moon Bay               Train
Hate my life                    Theory of a Deadman
No other Love                  Heart
Heaven                             D.J. Sammy
When you love someone     Bryan Adams
I breathe in, I breathe out     Chris Cagle
I can't help falling in love with you     UB40
I run to you                   Lady Antebellum
I'd Come for you          Nickelback
If it makes you happy     Sheryl Crow
Jar of Hearts     Christina Perri
Last Kiss     Taylor Swift
Life After You     Daughtry
Lost     Faith Hill
Lost in this moment     Big and Rich
My heart is Open     Keith Urban
My next 30 years     Tim McGraw
Paperweight    Dear John Soundtrack
Parachute     Ingrid Michaelsen
Remember When     Alan Jackson
Right Where I need to be     Gary Allen
Maggie May     Rod Stewart
Smile     Uncle Kracker
The Story of Us     Taylor Swift
Take my Breath Away     Berlin
This Kind of Love     Sister Hazel
This Year's Love     David Gray
What Might have been     Little Texas
When I look at you     Miley Cyrus
Without You     Hinder
Words     Train
Don't let me Stop you     Kelly Clarkson
Long Shot     Kelly Clarkson
When I look to the Sky     Train

Tonight I am going to have this Recipe.....Ah Can't Wait.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Resolution Mode Day 2

At 7:30am this morning my wonderful alarm goes off and wakes me out of my blissful sleep for yet another day at the gym.  Its my day off and a friend has said that she wanted to get up and go to one of the classes that our gym offers.  I agreed.  Not such a bad idea except I have come to hate waking up early so this was hell for me.  Instead of getting out of bed to start getting ready I send my friend a text to verify that we will still be going in as planned.  Sure enough its a go and I'm thinking, "Oh! eff My Life."  I get up and have a huge glass of water getting ready and meet her there.  When we arrive 15 minutes early we see the class is already full and not available. "Now we know to come earlier," she says.  Well we are already up and hungry so instead of my strenuous work out we go to have a not so healthy breakfast then back to the grind to meet with the personal trainer.  Feeling horrible about the breakfast I had eaten I signed up for a personal trainer and decided that now I am really going to be getting even more focused than I already was.   I lost 3 more pounds today making it a grand total of 16 in 3 weeks.  Things are getting off to a great start.  No more delicious breakfasts for me though.  Woosh!  Thank You 3 more pounds off.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Resolution Mode.....

So as I began this year I wrote out a list of Resolutions that I wanted to achieve within the next year.  On this list it included the usual losing weight, getting out of debt and organizing my life. These are the same resolutions I have had for the last couple of years.  So, why now am I wanting to really act on them.  Well!  I was looking in the mirror the other day and thought to myself, "I hate my legs and thighs."  Time to do something about it.  So I joined the Gym and are starting a nutritional plan.  Being healthy is not easy and is going to take a mental mode switch to focus.  I need to focus and I am going to lose weight. 80 pounds to start and 150 to finish.  So here is to the start of a new blog and a new me.  Hopefully everyone will look to read my blogs and walk down this path with me.  More blogs to come.